Make a CIP

You are welcome to make your own CIPs!

Here are the elements that your CIP is recommended to have:

  • Open bottom with shoulders and mounting holes
  • Stakes in mounting holes
  • Walls
  • Top with receiving hole
  • Stirring stick
  • Labels (“CIP” and “[URL of box’s site]”)
  • Icons of acceptable input and/or usage instructions (“Add and Stir”)
  • Art-theme

As a biodigester, it must be large enough for the intended inputs to interact. This can be as small as 4″x12″x12″ or much larger.


CIPs can be made of many materials. It’s all an experiment!

Cardboard boxes are recommended, as a readily available resource that can be resilient to biodegrading material and hardened with exposure to occasional rain.

Campaign signs can also be used, as they are free waste products were built to endure weather.

Post Your CIP

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Intersection, address, coordinates or Leela Maps link
Description of art, materials used, creation methods.
Examples: fruit, veggies, bones, excreta, etc

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